Clugston joint venture lands £210m power plant deal

A Clugston-CNIM joint venture has landed the contract to construct a new £210m Energy from Waste plant at Grangemouth in Scotland.

Work will start on site this Spring and the project is due for completion in 2021.

The Earls Gate Energy Centre (EGEC) will convert 216,000 tonnes of waste – the equivalent of around 20% of Scotland’s total landfilled household waste – into energy.

EGEC will become a source of green, low-cost energy for businesses located in the area such as chemical manufacturer and site service provider CalaChem, which has entered into a long-term energy supply agreement.

Clugston will provide all the building and civil engineering services to support and encapsulate the specialist process engineering plant designed and installed by Constructions Industrielles de la Mediterranee (CNIM).

A ‘meet the buyer’ event is being organised for later in March to promote local supply chain opportunities.



Author: Ebenal Construction

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