J & D Pierce lands London City Airport steel deal

Structural steel specialists J & D Pierce (Contracts) Ltd has been named as the steel contractor for the London City Airport expansion programme.

The £500m City Airport Development Programme will see J & D Pierce fabricate and erect the structural steelwork as well as design all the envelope support steelwork, for the East & West Terminal Extensions, modifications to the Main Terminal Building and East Pier extension.

It is the third airport deal in 12 months for J & D Pierce after wins at Gatwick and Lossiemouth.

Managing Director Derek Pierce said: “This is a great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress and results of this exciting project.”

Expansion work is scheduled to take 12 months and will quadruple the size of the airport.

From http://www.constructionenquirer.com/2019/02/28/j-d-pierce-lands-london-city-airport-steel-deal/


Author: Ebenal Construction

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