Kent Uni tenders £20m life science building

The University of Kent is pressing ahead with plans to build a £20m Life Science Building at its Canterbury Campus in Kent.

Architect Stride Treglown with building services engineer Hoare Lea and Craddys have designed the new education building which will connect to the existing science block.

The interior will feature staircase, inspired by DNA, that spirals through a full-height atrium.

This is the nucleus of the building and its qualities speak of the facility’s identity; open, visible and collaborative. It also creates as a new focal point and destination for the campus.

The layout stacks labs and academic areas in a structure that is visible and easy to navigate. We also proposed a ‘shared-asset’ culture, which maximises the use of spaces and equipment. This prompts an open and cost-effective way of working across departments.

Canterbury Campus in Kent

Expressions of interest must be made by the end of March on the Delta E-sourcing portal with bids expected to be invited from selected contractors by 5 April.


Author: Ebenal Construction

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