Firms named for £1bn Pagabo refit and refurb deal

Construction procurement specialists Pagabo is set to launch a major new refit and refurbishment framework.

Seven firms have won the largest value lot covering schemes worth over £30m, with more than 20 selected across five lots.

The £1bn framework covers the full range of refit and refurbishment project types, taking in a dozen regions, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This includes category A & B refurbishment, internal refresh for occupied and non-occupied buildings and cut and carve refurbishment for all structural and non-structural modifications.


Pagabo, chief executive officer, Simon Toplass said: “Our clients will be able to convert buildings while keeping the same structure, improving and restoring their building by renovating or incorporating the very latest in modern systems, through retrofit.

The framework will go live at the start of March and adds to a growing set of contractor panels.

Last year Pagabo delivered 195 projects worth in excess of £462 million with over 450 clients across a variety of sectors and frameworks.


Author: Ebenal Construction

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