Advice: Balcony leak inside & out – how to address with GC

Hey, r/construction, Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask these questions – I'm more than happy to remove and continue searching for a more appropriate sub if so.

I'm looking for some advice on how to get a leak fixed in our balcony ceiling & bedroom, and its damage correctly repaired. I'm not sure of how to proceed because the apartment is still under warranty from the building sponsor/GC, but there have been difficulties there.

Here's the background: New construction (2-ish years old) — four-unit building in Brooklyn. We're the 3rd floor/unit. We've had a few leaks elsewhere and some other issues which the GC has repaired (to varying degrees of quality). They're really dragging their feet on this one though, and I have concerns that this won't be adequately corrected and repaired – I fear that they will make the balcony upstairs waterproof with silicone or something, repaint the stucco and refinish the drywall, then call it a day, which seems inadequate.

See the attached video for a quick walk-through of what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the water is getting in from our upstairs neighbor's balcony floor and collecting behind the stucco of our balcony ceiling. Water has bled through the stucco, with what might be evidence of rust, although the brown deposits left on the stucco are greasy to the touch. I punched a small hole to at least let water drain as soon as I noticed the spots appearing and investigated.

It also seems like its penetrating along a beam, and leaking into the ceiling of our bedroom. Its been about eight weeks since we reported it, and they keep giving us the runaround. Luckily we haven't had a great deal of rain. I've been in contact with a lawyer if it comes to that, but obviously, this needs to get fixed.

As I said, I don't have a lot of confidence in making sure this is repaired correctly: What would you recommend as the best course of action here?

  • We've considered hiring a home inspector, but that seems too broad and superficial to be useful and would seem to not give us much beyond "Yep, there's a problem."
  • Asking a roofing/waterproofing/masonry contractor to provide us with a quote & plan for the repairs as a guide. Is it preferable to be transparent with them about the situation/offer to hire them as a consultant? There's also the potential that we would have them make the repairs and take the original developer to court for costs.
  • Go full-on engineers inspection. This is the least tenable, as we've been ballparked 15K+ for a comprehensive inspection of the entire building.
  • Something else that we've not considered?

Thanks for reading, and for lending me your brainpower.

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