Remember Monday’s termite post? I want to give you guys a progress shot from one of the worse rooms…

Remember Monday’s termite post? I want to give you guys a progress shot from one of the worse rooms to give you an idea of how we are saving this house using skills and precision. If it doesn’t look like the same room as the Monday post, it’s because we’ve transformed it!

The ceiling joists holding the original drywall up for the flat ceiling were chewed through by the termites. We removed them with intentions of replacing them, but that’s when we started to get creative ideas.

The house’s roof was built with rafters and not trusses, so we talked some options over with the homeowner. We didn’t actually vault the ceiling, which is what it looks like: it was already that way, just previously it was attic space.

We put in the horizontal boards towards the top to create a beautiful shape and a nice spot to mount a large ceiling fan so we can circulate the air up there.

Along the way, we’ve had to replace load-bearing walls stud by stud. Non essential walls came out and now we are looking to help the homeowner transform their home into a more spacious, modern home while saving them money at the same time.
There’s a ton of work to do, but I’m very happy they went with us and didn’t let somebody knock their home down! I really look forward to the crew and I making their dreams come true out of this nightmare.

Follow me and I’ll keep you posted as this project progresses so you can see how my team brings it all together.

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