Bouygues paid £21m not to build Garden Bridge

Contractors chosen to build the ill-fated Garden Bridge were paid £21.4m before the project was finally binned.

Figures released by Transport for London details payments to the Bouygues Travaux Publics and Cimolai SpA – Joint Venture (JV).

Consultant Arup was also paid more than £12m in fees among a total of £53.5m wasted on the project.

The documents state the contractors were paid for “mobilising significant resources, systems, labour, supply chain and support networks to further refine the designs, create prototypes and samples, submit designs for approval by Arup, liaison with third parties to secure rights and consents over areas to erect the bridge and submit details to discharge the planning conditions.”

They were paid £5.1m for the Preconstruction Services Agreement period and £13.4m for the period between being awarded the £90m main contract and the project being scrapped.

A payment of £2.1m was also made for the ‘The demobilisation of staff, offices and repatriation of plant and labour upon suspending the contract.”

Alex Williams, Director of City Planning at Transport for London said: “As part of our continuing commitment to transparency, we have published the final financial breakdown for the Garden Bridge project, on behalf of the Trust, as well as all evidence sought as part of this review.

‘This formally ends our involvement with the project.”



Author: Ebenal Construction

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